Since 2006, Geax s.r.l has operated in the fields of design and construction of drilling machinery and equipment for piles. It was founded in Italy by Adriano Pesaresi, who has worked as a design engineer since the 1980s for other notable drilling design companies. His new business project was established with the aim of producing drilling machines that were structurally innovative, compact, reliable, simple to use, and extremely productive and efficient. These machines represent a big step forward in a market that for years has been static and conservative.

In 2003 he began operating in the field of drilling in order to focus on the needs of the operators and to test his new designs and solutions. Coupling many years of design experience along with on-site testing gave way to the current models in production at Geax.

While on the jobs, Geax machines show top-level performance and flexibility; adapting rapidly to the increasingly stringent requirements of the operators.

Geax has a streamlined and efficient organizational structure that allows us to offer machines at competitive costs and to quickly adapt to market needs by developing new applications and special machines on customer request.


GEAX is revolutionizing the foundation drilling machine market by offering innovative products with reliable support and quality.
All GEAX production is characterized by the constant search for improvement of the drilling operations, site safety, and reduction of operating costs.

Geax drilling machines are distinguished by their compact size – ideal for working in tight spaces and easily transported without special permits. But they are not the simple copy on a reduced scale of the largest traditional machines; they are carefully designed to brilliantly solve all the limitations that the reduction of size and the weight involves.

The machines’ particular articulation structure is similar to a normal excavator with a long boom supporting the mast. This allows a wide range of mast positioning and independent adjustment of the vertical position of the mast. Wire rope positions are not dependent on the position of the mast as the winches are mounted on the mast itself.

This design, compared to other machines, usually with parallelogram type mast supports, ensures excellent rigidity and lightness, more precise movements, fast setup time, wide range of tool positioning, simpler maintenance, and finally better visibility for the operator.

The excavator base carrier, constructed to GEAX specifications, ensures excellent reliability and maintenance, with superior cabin quality in terms of ergonomics, comfort, and quietness generally not available on proprietary machines. Geax also retains the warranty of the carrier manufacturer worldwide.

The patents are evidence of a constant search for innovative solutions to allow our machines to achieve best results on the jobsites.