The EK series machines are multi-purpose rigs able to operate in various different drilling modes such as telescopic Kelly piling, CFA, diaphragm walls, soil mixing, soil displacement, hydraulic hammer, and vibro-hammers.
They are designed to maintain the compactness and agility of the DTC series, enhancing the versatility which is needed when each project requires a specific drilling mode to achieve the best results.
For each drilling mode a special kit is designed to optimize the performance. However, the modularity of the components makes the conversion among the different kits extremely easy, fast, and low-cost.
The EK series range starts at weights of 10 tons up to 35 tons machines, which are able to cover the vast majority of jobsites. When a compact, high-performance, and multi-purpose rig is needed as a core machine of the fleet, the EK series is the best solution.